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Business Strategies

  • The 3rd Business Plan
    (FY2016 through FY2018)
  • Numerical targets

Belluna has grown by harnessing the vast database and other management resources cultivated through mail order sales and various incidental services to branch out into new business areas, in line with its corporate philosophy of “enriching customers’ lives through food, clothing, lifestyle and recreational goods and services.”
Going forward, we will continue to evolve, creating new added value through our multifaceted approach.

Leveraging our synergies to strengthen the four main businesses as priority areas
Aiming for operating income of 16 billion yen

Mail Order Business

In our core Mail Order Business, we will aim for stable growth and strive for increased profitability.
In the General Mail Order Business, we will aim for stable growth through the demonstration of synergy with the Retail Store Sales Business in addition to the catalog and online channels.

Collection of data, Follow the data, Use of data

Retail Store Sales Business

Achieve 240 stores by the end of FY2018

1.Japanese traditional clothing stores

- Increase the number of highly profitable stores
  selling kimono and Japanese-style goods to 80

- Maintain an operating income ratio of
  more than 10%

2.Apparel stores

- Increase the average operating income ratio of
  ordinary stores from 7.2% to 10% by improving

- Expand store network and leverage synergy with
  mail order sales, aiming to achieve 160 stores

Number of stores plan

Property Business

Bolster operations in the domains of “lifestyle” and “recreation” to achieve mature portfolio management
Enter the hotel business and strengthen real estate development to turn the Property Business into a new pillar for future growth.

Portfolio management

  2015/3 2019/3
Net Sales 120.69 bil yen 160.00 bil yen
Operating income (Income on net sales) 6.38 bil yen (5.3%) 16.00 bil yen (10.0%)
ROE 8.4% Over 8%

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